Chocolate, Sex and meat “can boost brain power”

17 நவ்

Forgot cross words. If you really want to boost your brain power, eat dark chocolate, consume cold meat and have plenty of sex, if possible everyday.

A team of international researchers has carried out a study and found that while dark chocolate and plenty of cold meat for breakfast boost grey matter, sex keeps the brain fit in later life, the ‘Daily mail’ (London) reported here on Monday.

According to the study, those wishing to improve their mental ability should also avoid smoking.

The theories of the researchers are contained in the book ‘teach yourself: training your brain’.

“What we eat and drink, how we learn at school and what types of moods we have are all crucial. People can make lifestyle choices that will constantly increase our cognitive capacity throughout our adult lives.

‘Mix with people who make you laugh, have a good sense of humor or who share the same interests as you, and avoid people who whinge, whine and complain, as people who are negative will make you depressed,” the book’s author and one of the researchers, terry home, was quoted as saying.

The book also contains mental exercises and radical thinking on how diet, the environment, stress and other aspects of modern life affect our mental capacity.

The researchers have claimed that sex has a very positive impact, listing seven chemical reactions the brain undergoes during intercourse which actually helps in improving ability.

The book says that sex raises levels of oxytocin or the ‘trust’ hormone which increases a person’s readiness to think of novel or risky solutions to a problem. Elements in dark chocolate also prove to be beneficial.

Magnesium and antioxidant chemicals increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and reduce the chances of brain damage through a stroke. Ditching a low fat diet is also recommended to boost performance. Children’s should not do home work on their own—minds function better when working with parents or classmates, according to the researchers.

Source: Indian Express

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